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Happy New Years!


May 2014 be full of hard work, rest, good food, dynamic relationships and maybe even some blogging


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January 1, 2014 · 10:54 am

What Beanie Wore: Pumpkin Patch

What Beanie Wore: Pumpkin Patch

As one of my besties recently pointed out, this kid is better dressed her, me and probably you combined, so I figured I’d do some fashion bloggin. So heres what Beanie wore…

Poncho/sweater: hand knitted by my immensely talented friend Mari
dress: GAP (thrifted)
tights: Hannah Anderson (thrifted)
sneaks: Nike (thrifted)

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November 22, 2013 · 9:32 am

feels so good to get GOOD NEWS

feels so good to get GOOD NEWS

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April 5, 2013 · 6:24 pm

10 Months

10 Months

(yesterday) … sigh

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November 17, 2012 · 6:09 pm