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I have two hours before my final stats exam and somehow this is the best possible time I have had all semester to write a little bloggy thought. 


and by that i mean this selfie because it took me 15 minutes to take and post it probably because I have a million baby pictures on this computer i cant bring myself to delete even though Ive backed them up because im not so sure about technology. so greetings from finals, its as bad as you remember. 


And okay okay for baby love watch this… I know you don’t come here for my library selfies anyway. 





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Where would you be without your library?

Just a little pitch for our local library that is trying so hard to expand. Support public institutions? Like to read? Have compassion for new moms living in the boonies who would love to have a place to stroller to? Consider donating! Or at least watch it to see real cute kids and hear groovy some uke !

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March 8, 2012 · 10:37 pm