summer shots

(wrote this in july… i realize i am a failed blogger, i am learning to accept it) here are couple of shots from the summer so far. it speeds by then it crawls by then it speeds by again. i have spent the summer unexpectedly being SAHM which although it is a lovely and privileged position, is not for me. no doubt, i love the time with beanie, but the walls just have a way of closing in on us after the 8th day of rain or whatever. i have finally figured out how to shape the day, that i need to leave the house, find a playgroup, go to the park, obsessively grocery shop, SOMETHING. i finally started taking beanie to the woods for walks and wild blueberry picking. of course now that i feel okay with this routine, family camp begins friday, then we (me, beanie, my folks, my bro & his friend, my sisters and niece) are hauling ass up to cape breton, nova scotia for beach and relaxation (and 16 hours in the car with two toddlers heh heh heh).

anyway, here are the best photos from the first bit of summer, more to come (and if you have some plez email them to me!)





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