We’re Back!

So its been a long time. So I am a little embarrassed to start writing again but I have been peered pressured into it- thanks Annas. I have enjoyed this blog immensely, to share thoughts and photos and stories and to back from (some of) you all, but I got a little weary of the detailed digital footprint I am leaving of Jolene without her permission. I don’t post a lot of photos of her on Facebook (mostly because having been on that thing since freaking 2006, half of my friends are random people from high school who wouldn’t acknowledge me if I ran into them on the street so why should I let them stalk my beautiful child?), Shutterfly has a ugly interface, but its not like I am writing paper news letters, calling friends, sending carrier pigeons either. I’m a bit of a luddite, but I want my friends to know things about Beanie, like how she likes to sweep the floor, or how she says “MESS!” when she spills her water or how she will spend upwards of half an hour on the swing. Internet privacy is a thing to negotiate and watch going forward, but at this point avoiding talking about my child online seems more anti social than respectful of Jolene’s future sense of self and vision of her childhood. When she is more of a screen user, I’ll show her the blog and at a certain point, I will probably stop blogging about her all together but for now, we are back. 




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