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Daughter- Get Lucky

can’t get enough of this song


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May 26, 2013 · 9:54 am

word vomit… no wait a minute actual vomit

somehow this feels like an appropriate subject for my first post in a while. its been that crazy student time of year…maybe you understand? (and by you I mean you Anna(s))

so yeah carsickness has been a big problem in our happy little family lately. like every couple of days jo has been tossin it in the car and for some reason I HAVE NOT YET GOTTEN IT THROUGH MY THICK SKULL THAT I NEED TO CARRY AROUND A CHANGE OF CLOTHES so i have done an emergency Goodwill run holding a baby in nothing but a diaper and maybe a blanket about 5 times in the last 2 months. finally yesterday, i made up a little puke kit to keep in the car consisting of…


-paper towels

– baby wipes

-a plastic bag full of plastic bags

-change of clothes

-hand sanitizer

(if you dont have/use a car i would imagine these are generally smart things to carry around in a diaper bag when you are out with a baby…how come jo is nearly 18 months and i am just figuring this out??)

so yesterday i packed all this stuff up and was feeling very smug when drove to town to get jo…until i realized that the sippy cup i had tossed on top of the whole bag had spilled and soaked all the extra clothes. womp womp. is that funny? i dont think thats funny. there is something about parenting that totally screws up your funny o meter… i think its the inherent sleep deprivation…

but its summer time! the semester was a big push but its DONE and i am scraping together employment for the summer but for now i am taking a minute to relax, clean the house, maybe do some gardening (because its may and what is growing in the garden? dandelions….). last night i made kale salad for the first time (little slow on the food trends?) and tonight i am making black bean soup and orange bunt cake with dark chocolate to honor her mother Susan who died seven years ago this weekend. mothers day man. i will enjoy some yummy brunch on sunday but i honestly think this holiday causes a lot more pain for those who have lost their mothers (or for some birth moms or people estranged from their mothers… the list could be long) than it does good (of course i am none of those and am only speculating… which perhaps i shouldnt be doing…)

and thats a crying baby. later days.


EDIT more on mothers day

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