sometimes ya just gotta

…drop your way cool mangled essay thoughts on placing children at the center of principals of universal design to create urban spaces that acknowledge the full citizenship of younger human beings what am i even talking about homeless youth in Toronto? AND JUST ANSWER THE MEH PROMPT YOUR PROFESSOR WROTE because sometimes its more important to get it done than write your manifesto. I hear there might be time for that this summer? I don’t know what that is. 


A thing I do know is I have three weeks of class left?! 

A thing I do know is that Jolene wore pants with GIANT pockets to daycare today and filled them with sand and her teacher didn’t notice until she went to change her diaper and the sand poured out EVERYWHERE

Another thing I do know is that I am having a hard time focusing. I know that is the season, but I just want to lie in the sun all day and take Bean to the beach and go hiking maybe? 

Another thing I do know is that this is the funniest blog I have seen in a long time (he was just on Good Morning America? Am I late or actually living under a rock) and this is really interesting.  

Another thing is that CLPP Conference is this weekend!!! This mumma is pumped. 

Another thing is that I am building up my summer hobbit feet. Its getting real real. 






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