break out the turtlenecks

(hey i wrote this yesterday! i thought i posted it!)


baby-free staycation/ weaning extravaganza 2013 is drawing to a close. it has been an insanely relaxing weekend at the tail end of a very relaxing (and even somewhat productive) spring break. there has been sleeping until 8:30 (!!!) lying around, sushi, watching cable, a beer shower, yoga, and yeah, putting cold cabbage leaves on my breasts… which was soo cold!! but definately helped with the swelling, there is a lot of that going on. ow.  emotionally, i am feeling pretty great, only a little weepy  and really missing my babe (okay i did watch a slide show of every picture of jolene that i possess) but very happy and at peace with stopping nursing. okay. ecstatic. it has been wonderful but it was really time. mamababy reunion is happening in the next 15 minutes when yaya comes and gets me and we all go to the art museum!

feeling very privileged and thankful to have had this nugget of time to myself, for my own mum taking j for the weekend, for this whole week of no work/school outside the home… vacation isn’t something everyone gets, so i’m feeling very grateful today. plus i get to see my baby! and its going to be 50 on wednesday!


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