shaming teen parents

sweet! someone is doing something about the disgusting teen pregnancy “prevention” campaign in NYC! the New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice has launched a counter campaign called “No Stigma! No Shame!” and is calling for all of the ads to be removed, an apology from the New York City Human Resource Administration AND best of all for a “Creation of a Teen Parent Council within HRA, composed of teen parents and their advocates, to approve any future messaging around teen pregnancy prevention.” it is time that the voices of teen parents and the children of teen parents are heard in the national conversation on teen pregnancy and supporting young parents… who else really would you ask? i just did a lot of linking around and found Pushback, a sweet blog run by Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy about actual lived experiences of young parents.

oh the things you can do when you’re zero exams, zero papers and just one class period away from spring break!!!


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March 13, 2013 · 8:04 pm

One response to “shaming teen parents

  1. Wow what a horrible message to put out there. Obviously aimed at teens who are already pregnant, there are very few that actually try to get pregnant if that was their aim. Better sex education for pregnancy prevention is really the only way to actually prevent teen pregnancy without increasing abortions 😦

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