some stuff that happened today

-it almost felt a little like spring for the third day in a row! i should have known that sandals were overkill, but i can’t help it my feet need to see the sun….

-i stayed up until like 1:30 talking on the phone (okay daylight savings time) but STILL, when was the last time i did that? like 10th grade? 

-my paper isn’t as good as it should be, i have studied enough for my midterm, i haven’t written for creative writing yet but GODDAMNIT i’m going to have a vacation next week so at this point its FULL SPEED AHEAD 

– i saw this amazing man speak tonight.  got me thinking about writing the crazy professionalization of the arts in our culture/generational moment and how for ambitious young artists there is such a push to publish and produce and make a living from your art when…that can be such a hindrance to actually making said art. i want to think more about this. 

– jolene ate snack with the toddlers at daycare today, like in a big kid chair (bigger kid chair). here are some more crazy things she is doing these days: STANDING BY HERSELF! signing more (totally out of the blue and im like Jolene… more what? just… more!) blowing kisses oh the kisses! flushing the toilet (i am pushing this one), trying to climb behind the wood stove every second i’m not looking, throwing tantrums (this one is crazy… i’m learning to ride them out)… 

-what else about jolene because i know thats all you boogers care about… the hunger strike has ended! i noticed jolene cuddling with a bottle of lotion (and sucking the dried lotion off the spout bleh) so i swapped it out for a little stuffed monkey she has and she took it down to lunch with her. she was throwing her food at lunch, like ALWAYS and i pretended to feed a little to her monkey and she got SO INTO it and was feeding the monkey and eating! apples! SHE WAS EATING APPLES! i was jumping up and down. i think i have lost all concept of what constitutes a good story…. 

-i dont feel like writing sorry! 


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