picky picky

here is something. a list of foods Jolene was eating 7 months ago 

-bok choy


-red pepper


-oranges & grapefruits


here is a list of foods Jolene is eating now (Feb 2013)

-cream cheese (FAVORITE)

-peanut butter

– rice cakes





-…thats it.

i have always thought that “picky eaters” are made, not born. is this a phase? will she ever eat non white/brown foods again? HAVE I RUINED MY FOODIE CHILD???? should i stop projecting my identity as a vegetable lover onto her? should i simply spray her vegetables with sugar?

oh boy.


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  1. Anna

    My non-expert advice: just ride it out. I’m sure that if you don’t make a big deal of it, she’ll join team vegetable eventually. I weirdly remember hating peas and other perfectly delicious vegetables as a little kid, and now I’m all about the greens. Added bonus: those white foods might fatten up her skinny self!

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