I realize that its a little late to be talking about the two feet of snow that was dumped on New England last weekend, but due to being caught up on my school work, I am behind on most everything else. Aside from laundry, cloth diapers, making a grocery shopping list for today, cleaning out my car (no its really bad), changing my sheets, getting outside, getting out of my pjs, it turns out that ALL OF THE BANDS put out an album last year. I’m listening to Tallest Man on Earth  right now and man is it good.

Today is my home day with Beanie. Its either a getting shit done day or a spending time with my daughter day or a go grocery shopping at some point and spend all of the rest of your time trying to do nothing. And spend time with Beanie but I gotta confess, I am relating to this post from Blue Milk . Parenting is sometimes really boring and yes even when I spend four out of five week days at school, the one day at home can feel so boring in comparison. I try to have at least a half hour during the day where I don’t try to get anything done, don’t have the radio on, and am just on the floor with Beanie playing. She is getting to this great age where she wants to help me do chores. The other day she helped me hand up her diapers on the drying rack (and I don’t mean pretend helped like actually helped).  And for a baby, that is just as fun and stimulating as banging blocks on the floor.

But! The snow storm! School was canceled for both of us on Friday and we stayed inside and were cozy. Lots of rice pudding was made. We finally ventured out on Saturday afternoon for a walk.


What didn’t happen was a romp in the snow. I realized that none of Jolene’s snowsuits are actually waterproof because I had honestly NO IDEA what to buy her for the winter. So put that on your list, baby havers.


my mom standing in the snow


behind my house

I did pick on up for at Goodwill on Sunday, so the snow frolicking will have to happen soon.


And Happy Valentines Day! (or “Breeders Day” as someone said on my fb feed this morning) I have made up a tradition of sending out Valentines, which will probably happen sometime next week. I’m behind, remember?




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