first week!

so our first day of school was not a dreamy joanna newsom montage. it did involve jolene puking in the car, almost running out of gas and getting lost trying to find all of my classes. of course i have been idealizing the start of school for sometime now, forgetting that the first week is usually a crazy mess. my daycare vouchers did not process in time and i was left paying for a week of daycare out of pocket (ouch). i rearranged my schedule about 8 times so i could take an Anthro seminar on Gender and Agriculture which was then CANCELED. bean has had some trouble napping at daycare, refused to take a bottle for the first few days and has made a habit of screaming the entire ride home every day. i forgot how lonely it is to transfer to a new college and know roughly two people. but these things, my friends, are some very very small local fingerling potatoes. 

it is incredible to be back in school. i know i was in school last semester, but it was just not the same. my brain is being cracked open in the best way possible. i am writing again. i am thinking expansive thoughts. the world feels bigger and brighter. i can go to the gym! i am really happy with the daycare jolene goes to. no doubt it (and still is) difficult to leave her there, but not only is she well cared for, her world is expanding and brightening along with mine. we are both so exhausted and challenged by the end of the day, but well nourished. 

more later, i just wanted to let you far away friends know that we made it through week one. also! we we’re featured on Early Mama today! check it 





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  1. Anna A

    Far away friends appreciate the update!! What a week. Also, looooove the Early Mama interview. You are so darn articulate and thoughtful 🙂

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