a new year

2012 was a beautiful crazy exhausting exhilarating humbling wild ride of a year- the best one of my life so far (I remember playing this at the beginning of 2012 and boy I had no idea). I’m not usually a big New Years person- I like celebrating the changes in the seasons and a new calendar year just isn’t that significant to me because ITS TOTALLY MADE UP. It just feels a little silly, plus I hate feeling like I am supposed to drink a lot and wear a dumb hat and watch television at midnight. But despite all that, I had a GREAT New Years Eve this year- Jolene came to a party at my friends house and went to bed upstairs in her pack n play (monitored by a skype call) at 7. I stayed up until THREE THIRTY which is nuts because I don’t think I had gone to bed later than 1 in nearly two years. So the night was good friends, good food, a smattering of dancing and some baby snuggles just after midnight.

So I’ve been thinking about resolutions for the past couple of days- I usually like to burn regrets from the past year on New Years Day and make some resolutions. I have a lot of changes coming up. Jolene is about to be in daycare 4 days a week (although if I don’t find a high quality place that actually accepts vouchers soon… well I just will) because I have transfered out of community college land and into liberal arts for non traditional students land! (I am a little paranoid about talking specific geography, but I am probably getting ahead of myself assuming that this blog makes my life look cool enough that someone would want to stalk me)

In general, I find that vague behavior changes (“write more”or  “loose weight”) don’t work, but concrete changes or events to attend are better. So here are a couple of things I am thinking about for the coming year.

  • write more
  • exercise  4 days/ week (and go on a walk outside at least once a week)
  • go on a trip with Jolene… out of New England!
  • start some small chores with Jolene- watering plants, feeding the doggie and so on





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