First Finals To Do List in Two Years!


  • childhood culture report
  • movie character diagnosis
  • paper on radical homemakers
  • oral presentation on adventure playgrounds
  • annotated bibliography on emotional benefits of play
  • child development reflection
  • last psych homework!
  • ten self portraits (okay six) 
  • sociology take home final
  • reading (yeah right)
  • 30 day shred …someday 
  • shower
  • remember to parent
  • GET INTO COLLEGE!!!!!!! 


  • get sick
  • learn to wave!
  • pull all the books and puzzles off the shelf (each day)
  • pull self up to standing! (constantly)
  • try to touch the wood stove
  • snuggle and look at the snow out the window with mama
  • stop pinching mama’s boobs
  • eat veggies

wowwowwow i cant believe this semester is almost over!


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  1. You have been nominated for a Liebster! I enjoy following your blog and wanted to let my small readership know about your blog.

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