Banana Roll Ups

I have a confession to make… I don’t really like bananas. If they are very green, I can get down with them, but I have a strange aversion to fruits that are sweet but have very little acidity/sourness (like persimmon, cantaloupe). Babies, on the other hand, LOVE BANANAS as it turns out. I only really started giving them to Jolene a week or so ago, and now we are in banana land. I found a cool recipe from weelicious for Banana Sunflower Butter Rollups (they call them Banana Dog Bites but that just weirds me out) and she is into them.

Heres what you need.

Peel the banan. Spread the butter.

Roll. Slice.

Yum (for you banana lovers). Jolene only ate two slices because she was eating onions and peppers and (oh boy) liver (cooked by yaya, the only thing i wanted to do with it was saying yes). Because bananas get yucky fast, I froze the remaining slices. We will see how they defrost. (UPDATE…not very well)


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