I finally understand why parent’s don’t like Halloween. Its a head ache. The costume deadlines (paired with the refusal to buy them from the store), the pumpkin carving pressure, the decoartions and then how do you have dinner with kids knocking on the door every 5 minutes… and the SUGAR (corn syrup). 

I NEVER thought I would say anything so blatantly anti-Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, but when you are finally the person doing all the stuff and trick or treating as a child or blowing off all your homework to make a kick ass costume in college, its just different. I will learn to love it. And I will be one of those parents throwing away my child’s candy. 


decorations by Bompi

But I pulled off a homemade costume ! Jolene was an octopus, big hit. Originally I found the at mom inc daily (this blog has THE BEST halloween costumes, most require a little sewing…) but then I lost that link and found a new sew version from A Young Wife’s Tale  which was a little more up my alley, considering my sewing machine broke last winter (… I should look for a new one… craigslist…). The whole thing can be dissembled so you don’t have to waste baby tights or socks. I used knee socks from target, stuffed them and kept a lot of extra fabric at the end and then tied them all together (Beanie has a small waist) to make it even simpler. Hats are not tolerated these days, so I but out white felt circles, drew black dots on them and safety pinne them to the top of her hoodie. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. 


I was her garden (get it??) , which was stupid and corny I now know that most parents just stick with a pair of ears or horns. Noted.


We walked down to the fire station, where they have cider and doughnuts and looked at the kids costumes (and got attacked by the ones I used to work with) and Beanie drank half a cup of cider, which blew her little mind. Then we came home and had dinner and Jolene got to stay up 45 minutes past her bedtime. And that was it. And it was pretty great. Image


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