3/4 of a what what!?

Today (this afternoon) Beanie is 9 months old. This is a crazy thing. It is her first big agey milestone before she turns 1. To celebrate we will might go for a super long walk, we’ve recently discovered the best loop just down the road, I will do homework and Beanie will demonstrate her new found getting into a sitting position from lying down for an hour before she finally falls asleep for her morning nap around 11:30. Good lord. That whole “just when you think you’ve in a groove with parenting, everything changes” thing is SO TRUE.

And apparently the dragging herself around by her arms and the tips of her toes she has been doing IS in fact crawling… I recently learned in Child Behavior and Development that there are 25 accepted ways to crawl. I think the knees are tough for her because she spends a lot of time on linoleum (in the kitchen) and she’s usually wearing pants, and everyone knows pants + linoleum= ssssslippery.  I am trying to resist using the language of “she got into this, she got into that” because what she is doing is EXPLORING THE PHENOMENAL WORLD which should be encouraged, but the phenomenal world includes dog food (ew), the compost and CORDS. Babies (mine at least) love cords! I am going to start seriously bunny proofing, I mean baby proofing.

A word on that. I am trying to be a reasonable human being about baby proofing. I am not going to buy coffee table corners, a toilet lock, and door knob locks. I am working on covering the electrical outlets, putting cleaning supplies in high cabinets, and locking kitchen cabinets with sharp (blender) or heavy (pizza stone) objects in them. Also an “indoor baby fence” at the top of the stairs and around the woodstove (obviously I would never leave a baby alone in a room with a woodstove, gate or not gate). Here is a level headed post on baby proofing, the main idea being that children can learn what is off limits.  Am I missing anything important?

I had an ice cream sandwich at 4:30am when J woke up and cried for an hour plus. That was important. I am currently feeling more confident about the status of my schoolwork and less confident about the status of the election. I am not sure how I could tell Beanie that Mitt Romney is her president, the person looking out for her well being on a national level. I feel pretty confident that Romney could care less about me and my daughter. I am going to go read my sociology text book and try not to think about it, this week the chapter is on “Marriage and Alternative Family Arrangements.” I bet there is at least a paragraph on how the children of single parents are poorer than those of two parent families, maybe how they do worse in school and have  more discipline problems.  I need to gear up for class tonight because I am sure a certain loudmouth is going to spout some bullshit about how many people have children to “live off the government.” This is getting discursive. Time to be productive.



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