hi friends

i am in the midst of Beanie’s first cold, a big child study project, a college (re)admissions NIGHTMARE,the book Bowling Alone (for school, its a million pages long) and the largest laundry pile i have ever seen is reproducing all over my bedroom floor. i recently bought a snot sucker if that gives you any idea of whats happening up in here.

i am coping by means of excessive nature time, so i will share some pictures from our hike with bompi and yaya today but that might be it until everything settles down.

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2 responses to “hi friends

  1. Anna

    devastatingly beautiful pictures of jolene (and you, of course). coming back east tomorrow, and back in amherst on saturday! hope I can see a healthy you and jolene when I get back. I will make you guys soup. love, me

  2. Anna A.

    Aw man, sending so many hugs. You can do it! Thanks for the beautiful photos. Also, hi Anna!

    peas and luv 🙂

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