sunbutter !!!

it is my absolute favorite time of year guys. everything is beautiful right now.

we discovered sunbutter yesterday and i think it is changing our lives. its like peanut butter (which i have never been a fan of… i know i know i am crazy) but with SUNFLOWER seeds and you can buy it or make it. Its pricy but SO good and good for you and i don’t think anyone is allergic to sunflower seeds. AND babies under 1 year can eat it (unlike peanut butter). jolene LOVES it. she ate three apples covered in it this morning and basically refused to eat anything else for breakfast. i ate a million apples covered it and a piece of leftover pizza (what diet?).

i dont think you are understanding how good this stuff is. i am abandoning all life plans to start a sunflower farm (not a monoculture of course! we’ll grow other things and make butter out of them to). last weekend jolene and i went to a corn maze with our mama/baby friends and now i am thinking the only thing better than a corn maze is a SUNFLOWER MAZE.

(all of this is so exciting i have abandoned capitalization. EXCEPT FOR THIS KIND.)

jolene will be crawling in a week. she is rocking rocking rocking back and forth on her little hands and knees with this intense focus. my current baby proofing strategy is LETS SEE HOW IT GOES!




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2 responses to “sunbutter !!!

  1. i tried sunbutter for the first time last week and i was shocked at how yummy it was! also, love that foto and i also love love love this time of year – i thrive in it!!! wish we could bottle it up 🙂

    • so far ive only eaten it on apples but if i can ever stop doing that i will try it on something else.

      i wish i took that photo, its totally from google images. umm (citation)?

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