Okay people I have a back log of photo dependent stuff I want to post. I found a very secret pocket in the camera bag where someone was hiding the computer cord so after a seriously epic trip to ikea (is it just me or are all trips to ikea seriously epic?) I am not soaking my feet and reading my book, but uploading photos onto Shutterfly for you baby addicted crazies. Also if you are reading this and it is still Friday night and there is not a sleeping baby in your house, get your ass out dancing for the rest of us.

Everything is so busy (I think its such a cop out to say “I’m soooo busy” because well so is everyone and also really is that the most interesting thing going on in your life right now?)- I started school this week and my mum and I are turning my brothers room into an office (thus two trips to the very far away ikea in the last week) and Jolene is teething (also I stayed up too late all week watching the DNC…) and that is really enough for me. School is awesome. Community college rocks seriously guys go to community college sometime. I am trying to figure out the whole school/ baby at the same time thing, so I will definitely let you know how that goes. Teething is actually going pretty fine, which makes me think maybe its not teething.

Thats all over here. I’ve got a couple of red peppers in my garden and a whole lotta green tomatoes, so I’d call my first container gardening experiment a success. Letting go of summer is feeling okay, although we will see how I feel when this tooth pops up… a kid! She’s gonna be a kid!



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  1. Anna

    It’s so crazy… I can obviously imagine you parenting an adorable little baby, but thinking about Jolene as an OLDER KID is MIND-BOGGLING and incredible and I can’t picture it yet. Post more! Post more! (Not that you’re busy with school or said baby or anything…)xxx

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