This morning…

-I have 6 tabs about the Dr. Sears Shot Schedule open

-I am finally going find Jolene a new pediatrician. At my 6 month appointment her doctor said to me “Okay I won’t see you for three months! Lots of changes! By your next appointment Jolene will be walking and talking…” Ummm…. Needless to say I am calling around to find someone new. 

-I am loving me some of The xx ‘s new stuff. 

-I have 5 days until school starts and a very ambitious to do list. I need to utilize naps (meaning right now). 

-I am missing my friends. Lets catch up/ hang out (depending on your proximity) soon. 

– Jolene tried naan for the first time. Score. 

-Yeah I need to get stuff done and I really can’t find the camera cord to put up the photos this post was supposed to be about but they are coming soon! 


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One response to “This morning…

  1. Anna

    photos! photos! photos! I’m in Colorado but will probably be back in three weeks!

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