Hot Hot Heat

The heat has finally broken. We are soaking up the cool air and cramming in as much baby wearing as possible until it gets sweaty again. I am not quite sure how people wear their babies in the summer/ in places where it is hot all the time. 

I have to admit, the sun/heat really kind of freaked me out with Jolene. Not in a “oh no climate change/ what kind of world is she inheriting” kind of way (although now that I mention it…) but in a “i read somewhere that your skin is about 1/8 as thick as mine so if your skin gets burned your internal organs might get burned too….” kind of way. I hope this is because she is a little baby and not because I am an overprotective freak. I was able to laugh at this here Summer Safety Quiz, so hopefully it is the former. 

Anyway, here are somethings  I have learned from this month of intense heat/ three weeks of swim lessons at the lake in the sun with an infant. 


1. Sunscreen. Duh. I used this, probably because it has an Eric Carl picture on it. Also it is “free from the bad stuff.” I might be a sucker, but I really don’t have the time/ interest to pour over chemical free mama forum boards to find the perfect sunscreen. I believe Eric Carl. I found this stuff a little pastey, but Jo loves being rubbed down with lotion/ sunscreen, so it was fine for her. 

2. Shade. Another duh. Jolene’s Yaya bought her a beach cabana and it has been amazing. I don’t want to suggest that to have a baby outside in the summer, you just have to buy lots of crap, but with a tent I didn’t have to be super paranoid about sun exposure. 

3. Take baby in the water. I didn’t dunk Jo’s head, but I carried her out where the water was chest deep, in the lake and in the ocean. She loves to splash and suck salt water off her fists. 

4. Diaper sleeping. I did a lot of googling when it got hot about what to do, and everywhere it said MAKE SURE YOUR BABY HAS A ONSIE ON FOR SLEEPING. Screw that. Diaper sleeping is a thing. 

5. Fans?! Jolene loves the white noise of the fan for falling asleep. When it got really muggy, falling asleep became really tough because Jolene got really sweaty and cranky. I pointed the fan at her  for bed time, but moved it back towards me when she was asleep mostly for selfish reasons, but also because you’re not supposed have the fan pointed at your baby all night because they could get cold. Especially if they’re diaper sleeping (see above). 

6. Frozen food! I froze lots of cucumber sticks for Jo when it was hot and she loved them. I also bought this popsicle base with a net on top that you can put ice cubes or frozen fruit in and your little one won’t choke. Very anti BLW ( I think?), but sometimes you gotta do what makes you feel comfortable. 

7. Cool sponge bath. Mmmm yeah. 

8. Water? Breastmilk? Something to think about… babies at Jo’s age don’t need  additional water, but breast milk gets more thirst quenching when its super hot out, so if you’re feeding pumped/frozen milk from back when it was not so hot, it won’t be so thirst quenching. I started introducing a sippy cup with water when it was real hot and Jolene loved it. You probably aren’t supposed to give them too much water. Google it. I am not a doctor…


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