BLW, in pictures. Also words.


…bok choy, toast, a stripped down chicken bone, sausage and apples, and red pepper and fennel. In that order.

(And if you can’t tell, we have the best high chair in the world….craigslist. )

I’m not going to lie, its been a little scary. There has been hearty coughing, garden variety gagging and one big banana puke. I have given her things only to snatch them back because they are too crumbly or sweet (she flipped yesterday when I wouldn’t let her keep my popsicle) and I have picked up the same apple pieces up off the floor (dirt is good ) only to pick it up a millisecond later. Jo is doing this new thing where she bangs her fists on her high chair tray, sending the food in her hands flying.

But I get to eat, Jolene gets sensory awesomeness and mad picking-up-and-putting-in-her-mouth skills and everyone has fun. Delightful. This I highly recommend.


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