waffles and ice cream

i think the only appropriate celebration when you get your child to sleep is waffles and ice cream. every night. it is actually that big of an accomplishment. and i don’t think its something you can fully appreciate until you have children 

so it is 8:03 and i am sitting on my summer back porch watching the sun think about setting and eating waffles and ice cream.  just finished the Awkward Black Girl season premiere, amazing.  my family is starting to arrive home and they are asking me questions like  “did you make a salad” and “whats in the sink” and i just want to shout THIS IS MY TIME but i can’t because i am part of a family and that isn’t what you do. so i have roughly ten more minutes until i have to get up and scrub the banana mush off the floor and pick up my possessions strewn across the floor and will my sheets dry on the line so i can sleep on them tonight. 

so i think i have become way over zealous about the whole solid food thing. i have decided to do Baby Led Weaning, which basically entails giving your baby pieces of the real, non mush food that you yourself are eating for dinner. no spoon feeding, no boring rice cereal (unless that is what you are eating), just happy babies that love food, in all its lumpy crunchy glory. maybe you are saying WHA?? WHOULDN’T A BABY CHOKE AND DIE??? but babies at 6 months have a fantastic gag reflex and so it is silly (no judgement) to waste that super gag reflex time on food that is hard to choke on, saving it for later when their gag reflex is weaker. 

so jolene  has been snatching food off my plate and is very capable of stuffing it into her mouth and generally it has been just glorious. she loves baby bok choy, watermelon, toast, yogurt, chicken, roasted bell pepper, banana… just “tastes” so far, because as it turns out eating is hard, the getting the food l, into your mouth part. she is younger than the BLW folks recommend by a month, and can’t quite sit up with out being propped by towels in her high chair. today she had two bodily events (which i will not mention in any detail, i am pretty cautious ever since a friend directed me to STFU Parents) which reminded me to slow down. she has plenty of time to discover the incredible world of food.  just wait until she tastes waffles and ice cream. 


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