Solid, dude

Okay. A couple of things.

First I ate the most amazing dinner on Sunday- spinach and garlic sausage, asparagus and a salad made of baby spinach and micro chard from my garden! (I planted all my greens way too close together because I didn’t think any of them would actually grow, so I thinned them today) With raspberry lime vinegerette (raspberry jam, onion vinaigrette, shallot oil, lime juice).

The other thing, the best thing, was that I gave Jo a piece of asparagus to suck on at dinner. I picked a big thick woody one (oh grow up) and gave it to her. She put it in her mouth and immediately spit it out, making this dragon breath exaggerated exhale sound. Be this as it may, I am a firm believer in “try everything three times” so Jolene did and proceded to lick all the shallot oil off the asparagus and gum it until she dropped it on the floor and it got covered in dog hair.

I think that this is going to be my approach to solids. I am going to wait until 6 months to start shoveling in rice cereal and sweet potato and other things like that. From what I’ve read, her gut won’t be mature until then and honestly why bother with the mess. Also I worry lots about my milk supply, so any extra calories from food come away from the milk.  Also my thoughts on shoveling? Not a great approach. Food should be an interactive and exploratory experience (although ask me again in 4 months when I am giving Jo a bath after every meal). Until then I am going to give her little tastes and licks, to tickle her palate. Since Sunday I let her lick some mushed banana off my fingers and that got her really wired, wiggling her legs around, bugging her eyes out and so forth.


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