Sleep Sack Girl!


Jolene chillin in her sleep sack back when she had hair… mid February? Well before the big switch

Jobean has made a successful transition from swaddle to sleep sack! She always loved being wrapped up and I was a meticulous scholar of the art of swaddle in the hospital (each nurse had their own method, the “baby burrito,” “angel wings” and so on) so we did it pretty much every night of her life up until a few days ago. For a couple of weeks she had been grumpy about being “stick baby” (our name for her when she’s all wrapped up and she looks like this hilarious stick with a baby head) and was punching her way out of her blankets by morning. For some reason I was super anxious abut transitioning away from swaddling. Maybe it was a resistance to her growing up and no longer craving my womb (it still feels very strange to write about my womb… I have a womb?! THERE WAS A BABY IN THERE??) or maybe I just figured because she has slept SO WELL with the swaddle (like an amount of hours that I won’t even admit to because other moms will shun me and future moms will have high sleep expectations)  (also sorry bout the excessive use of parenthesis in my writing, its called Attention Deficit Disorder) that no swaddle would equal no sleep.

Anyway, its really not much of a story. I just put her in a sleep sack one night, nursed her to sleep like most nights (a bad habit perhaps but honestly it is what works for us so I am going to just kick that can down the road) and made the slow motion air lift from my lap to the moses basket in my bed. We are using a baby dede sleep nest ( no they do not come in adult sizes)- easy to use, lovely and cozy. They make a light version for summer which I will be looking into when it is not 30 degrees at night here?!?! Seriously what is going on???

But oh bless you swaddle and all the sweet sweet sleep you have given me. You will be missed.


Sweet dreams.

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