First Mothers Day

I am sitting on my rats nest of a bed in my hurricane aftermath of a room with a glass of white wine and the spring peepers outside the window and oh life could not be sweeter.

I went to a friends graduation BBQ today which was fabulous. This whole watching everyone graduate the year I was “supposed to” thing is not nearly as painful or sad as I thought it might be. I am mostly happy I am doing things my own way and perhaps could graduate into a better economy.

Anyway, someone asked me if I saw things at all differently now that I am a mom, if I have any new life wisdom or whatnot. I really had to think about it. Motherhood is so all consuming that it can be difficult to step back and see the poignancy in a coherent, advice at  a BBQ kind of way. I think becoming a mom has instilled a great deal of “radical trust in the benevolent mysteries,” as my crazy wise sister would say. In the deepest darkest scariest parts of labor, all I could do was be with each moment and know that it too would pass.

Hm it hasn’t been a very reflective mothers day, just a wonderful one. Went out to breakfast with the fam and then tea with the (nuclear) fam plus my sisters and the cousins met! A beautiful day. Loving it up now, reflecting later I suppose.

Its time for not blogging. Have a good night.

Oh, and make sure that you thank that lady who used to wash the cheesy stuff from out of your neck rolls as a baby. I bet you didn’t even know about that.



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2 responses to “First Mothers Day

  1. Anna

    Jolene is looking so much more like a person and less like a googly baby these days! (Judging by this one recent picture, that is. Hah.)

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