some things about Jolene for Anna, to distract her from graduating from college

When Jolene is wrapped up like a little baby burrito for bed, but really isn’t ready for bed and wants to be unwrapped and entertained, she protests by sticking her neck up, squinching up her face and shaking your head at you. It is the most hilarious thing ever, made even better by the fact that she is dead serious about it.

Jolene is the queen of hand sucking. I am not sure how I have not mentioned this yet but she is constantly sticking her hands in her mouth practically up to her elbows. Sometimes she gags on them. As a result they are covered in spit, like just dripping, and get really cold when we are going for walks. And then she puts her cold, slimy hands all over me and all over everywhere. So sometimes I let her suck on my thumb because if my hands are going to bed wet and slimy, they will at least be warm.

Today I bought Jolene her first bathing suit. It is crazy adorable. I will post a picture when she finally wears it, hopefully before BABY SWIM LESSONS that she can start at 6 months.

Jolene has the best cheeks. Of anything ever. They smell the best, they feel the best and they squish the best.

Found the thumb!


My sis took some beautiful pictures of Jolene when we came to visit at the hospital. They are slowly but surely uploading on Shutterfly. Good luck all you crazy college monkeys.



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2 responses to “some things about Jolene for Anna, to distract her from graduating from college

  1. Anna

    AHHHHHHH! JUST what I needed. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (endless love)

  2. Anna

    Also, the first fact = so amusing.

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