When life gives you lemons, cover them in sprinkles

Jo had two shots today (were doing the Dr. Sears schedule) so after  two and a half hour nap, she has been a sensitive cranky muffin most of the day. Topless skin to skin side lying nursing in a blanket tent is the best cure for the grumpies, hers and mine. Its as awesome as it sounds, but was only good for about an hour because Jolene realized how mad her diaper rash made her. So it was on to the bottomless portion of the day, meaning taking off her diaper and lying her down on some cloth diapers.  Were doing it again now as write this. How am i managing to entertain her you ask?


i am just full of solutions today.

Which is great because its been a chaotic week. My sisters dogs are staying with us, and one is great but the other…. oh Wallie. He is Freud’s Id, the physical manifestations of all of our base desires. Really, we would all love to go around stealing food, demanding kisses and whining when we don’t get our way but we don’t. We have learned to restrain ourselves. Wallie has no restraint. I went to the bathroom five minutes ago to find the trash overturned and shredded pads and used dental floss all over the floor.   Wallie strikes again. Fortunately, he redeemed himself ahead of time when this afternoon, just the sight of his spotted face made Jolene squeal with laughter. And oh that laughter… it is like staying in bed all Sunday morning, like the first sunset you see from an airplane…like swimming in the ocean and coming out to the biggest ice cream cone you can imagine covered in sprinkles.


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  1. Anna

    If I had my way, you’d be writing a blog post every 20 minutes (my procrastination intervals). Moar Jolene plz

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