Sharing Time

Happy May Day! Power to all the people out occupying today and all the people who are there in spirit. 

I am taking this post to some sharing. News, music, some stuff I’ve been reading. Imagine we are all in third grade sitting criss cross apple sauce on the rug. 

-Most importantly, MY SISTERS* HAD THE BABE!! April 29th, 5:20pm. She is wicked beautiful and everyone is well. I don’t like writing about people on my blog with their permission (even though I do it all the time) so that all I am going to say. I am an auntie!!


-Jolene has been a little grumpy the last few days because we have been shlepping back and forth to the hospital to visit and drop off food. She does so well with a schedule. Some semblance of a schedule. Today at mama group we were discussing the power of saying no (to other people who ask us do socialize and do things for work and  stuff like that. not to our children. not yet anyway) and i realized that I would cancel last minute so much less if i just said no to begin with. I secretly enjoy canceling last minute. Is that just me? Is that a thing?  

-I’ve finally realized how obsessed with Brandi Carlile I am. Thank goodness. This song has been on repeat. Also this… it makes me wish Jolene was Josephine. Okay last one time to stop. 

-Jolene does this amazing thing after she has fallen asleep nursing where she nurses the air. It is just so sweet. 

-Really great article from Baby Unplugged on The Power of Boredom.  It just made me think of all the cool things I did with friends that we totally would not have even thought of if we had unlimited movies or video games. Things like painting faces with charcoal and smushed raspberries on all the big flat rocks on my walkway. Or playing spy on the trampoline or making our own paper dolls or racing marbles for HOURS. Also when I was little, my friends dad, when we told him “I’m booooored,” would respond with “Well hello Bored, my name’s Michael.” Totally going to use that one. Also that sentence was really awkward. I think its time I go back to college. 

-Lovely collection of “Kids Quotes” on Offbeat Mama. Endless laughter. My favorite: “Mummy, do wasps and bees have eyebrows? Because if they don’t, how do we know if they’re grumpy?!”

-One of these days I will have a huge myriad of rad parenting blogs that I link to and I will know all the authors personally and our kids will go to each others awesome themed birthday parties. Until then, I will link exclusively to Early Mama, Off Beat Mama and  maybe one other. Speaking of which, the author of Early Mama wrote a great post on Babble responding to all the recent meidia coverage (eg Jezebel) of the huge number of unwed 20 somethings having unplanned pregnancies. The comments are the best part… and wow makes you realize that access to birth control comes up again and again in our shiny, industrialized country. 

– love love love this piece from the Atlantic by this dude named P.L. Thomas called Politics and Education Don’t Mix. So heartening, like not everyone out there is a total idiot when it comes to thinking about education reform. 

– Jolene and I went to the first farmers market of the year today!!!!!!! It was mostly starts, but we bought some lettuce seedlings (Speckled Trout…so beautiful) and some lettuce to eat. I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. 


I am going to bed. I am re-reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being (no link for that one sorry) and I might be sort of getting it this time around. Tomorrow we are going over to our mama and baby friend house to hang out and see some baby goats!!! Love it. 



*my sister and her wife. i call them both my sisters. to clarify, they are not related to each other. 


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