Other things that happened in April…

Jolene’s Car Inspection Outfit 

Pigs flew, the earth turned into cake and SOMEHOW the car passed inspection! Jolene was dressed for it.

Outdoor Bath!

On the porch! In the sun! This is a new wonderful beautiful thing that hopefully will happen again soon (It is currently crazy windy and a bone chilling 35 degrees… my tomato plants are furious with me and probably won’t last the night…). I am so excited for summer and baby in the water!!

The CLPP Conference 

I already talked about this. I really just wanted to share this lovely picture of Jo & Vanessa.

My Sister Had a Baby!**

**okay well this hasn’t actually happened yet but SHE WILL HAVE THIS BABY IN APRIL. She’s overdue and man do I just feel for her. I went into labor two days before Jo’s due date but MAN… babies should be ready in 37 weeks. 40 weeks is entirely too long.

Beautiful Booties

Just wanted to show these off. Lizzie knitted them. So talented.

Mom Necklace! 

The hip mamas on the internet seem to think that wearing your childs name around your neck is corny but screw that. After hours pouring over Etsy, I found this lady (her shop is currently closed but will reopen soon) who does custom hand stamped jewelry. She was so nice and accommodating (Jolene’s name is longer than she usually fits but she made it work) and everything came fast and nicely packaged. I am trying really hard not to spend all my money on Etsy.

LOTS of Grandmama Times

I went back to work super parttime, so Jolene has been enjoying frequent afternoons with her grandmama. Two peas in a pod. Plus I get some relief. Everybody wins.

We got BAD ASS at Nursing 

…’nuff said.

Also in April we… rearranged the nursery, discovered a new walking place by the river, listened to lots of Al Green,  planted our tomatoes outside (stupid stupid, they are going to die tonight due to frost and crazy wind), spent lots of time gazing at each other in bed, read all the Hunger Games books (some parts aloud), had a birth send off dinner for my sis (complete with fish stew and aioli yummm), promised to ask for help when we need it, got caught up on Mad Men, made new friends, bathed in the love of old friends, bathed not nearly enough, lost a nice stripe of hair in the back (Jo, not me), and fell in love over and over again.


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One response to “Other things that happened in April…

  1. Anna

    LOVE jolene’s hat and your new necklace. don’t listen to the other moms–the necklace is beautiful.

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