Pieces of April

…is a movie that I saw the preview for probably about 100 times in Caitlin’s basement in early high school while eating her dads AMAZING cookies and/or doing crunches.

I digress. I’m going to post some moments from this glorious, strange, nearly rainless month of April. They might be few and far between. We are still working on finishing April up, so think of me as on top of my shit. Maybe it will be one of those things like “Wordless Wednesday” that one does periodically on their blog, like a series. Pictures from the Month that I Didn’t Post Yet Because My Internet is Slow or something.

Jolene’s Palace 

ImageThis month Jolene has become completely smitten over the technicolor palace. Its a lime green and pink crazy bug acid trip in there with a giant goofy yellow sun that is Jo’s GIRL. She seriously gets so happy when she sees her (also when Sasha makes her dance). Sometimes she will stay in the palace for AN HOUR. This thing has seriously revolutionized our days at home/ now I can actually get like one thing done each day. Speaking of which, I have some sleeping to do.


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One response to “Pieces of April

  1. Sarah

    Your description of watching that movie, eating cookies, and doing crunches brought back such vivid memories! Also it looks like Jo and the sun are looking right at each other! TOO CUTE.

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