That Thing Where Someone Breaks Into Your House and Tries to Breastfeed Your Baby

(from jezebel

It looks like we have another thing to add to the list of horrifying things that can happen when you have a baby. Police have arrested a woman in Brookings, South Dakota for breaking into another woman’s house and trying to breast feed her baby. The mother called police early Sunday morning after she discovered the stranger in her home, attempting to latch her two-month-old onto her breast. Oh, hello terror, my old friend.

Fortunately, the mother was able to get the baby back unharmed, and the police arrived in time to arrest the intruder. She’s a 24-year-old and has been charged with unlawful occupancy. I guess there’s no specific law forbidding breaking into someone’s house and trying to latch their child onto your breast—though now it seems we might need one. The reasons this woman decided to go on a nursing raid have not been explained, except to say that “alcohol was a factor in the incident.” Okay, sure, but there are plenty of people who get drunk and don’t go to the trouble to breastfeed a stranger’s baby in the middle of the night, so there has to be more to this story. As for the mother, she’s probably busy trying to secure every surface in her home—possibly including her child’s mouth.

Cops: S.D. woman broke into home, attempted to breastfeed stranger’s baby [CBS]


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