Guess who’s nursing without a shield?

Image little miss bean! although she gets mad when i try to breastfeed and blog at the same time. notice that my hair is almost long enough to make a little nursing curtain! (this is a serious life goal of mine)

jolene and i spent the grey afternoon making momos with my family. she loves sitting up on the counter in her little pink chair (i know i know it should be on the floor but she really isn’t moving around too much) while we cook. smelling the smells, listening to William Elliot Whitmore and the chop chop chopping, wiggling around.

i have noticed lately that if jolene is on my lap while i am on the computer, she must be turned towards the glowing screen or  she will fuss and make her boarderline crying coos. scary. i am trying to keep jolene screen-free until three, if not five but i didn’t even realize that i would have to be proactive about it when she is not even 3 months. i imagine that she is attracted to the light, as i am, sitting here in the dark while i am supposed to be sleeping….


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