settling spring wind

Its been getting easier to settle into the boredom that accompanies being home with a baby all day. Don’t get me wrong- its so joyful and I feel so lucky to have all this time with Jolene. But it can be boring. I have found that watching TV while nursing just makes me feel bad (guilty, not present etc) and I am completely sick of NPR (maybe tomorrow I will wake up and the Republican primary will be over? Please?) so taking the chatter of all that out of the day leaves an incredible amount of space.

Perhaps it was the 50 degree weather that has made the space so mild, so balmy, so dreamy. It felt like spring…real spring for the first time today. I’ve had Greg Brown stuck in my head all afternoon…

love calls like the wild birds-
it’s another day.
a spring wind blew my list of
things to do…away.


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