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Guess who’s nursing without a shield?

Image little miss bean! although she gets mad when i try to breastfeed and blog at the same time. notice that my hair is almost long enough to make a little nursing curtain! (this is a serious life goal of mine)

jolene and i spent the grey afternoon making momos with my family. she loves sitting up on the counter in her little pink chair (i know i know it should be on the floor but she really isn’t moving around too much) while we cook. smelling the smells, listening to William Elliot Whitmore and the chop chop chopping, wiggling around.

i have noticed lately that if jolene is on my lap while i am on the computer, she must be turned towards the glowing screen or  she will fuss and make her boarderline crying coos. scary. i am trying to keep jolene screen-free until three, if not five but i didn’t even realize that i would have to be proactive about it when she is not even 3 months. i imagine that she is attracted to the light, as i am, sitting here in the dark while i am supposed to be sleeping….


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this is not a food blog

… but i wish it was. i have such  big fat bloggy crushes on smitten kitchen and The Pioneer Woman.  I can’t even read them because i get such a  terrible heart ache for marble counters and a turquoise mixer (omg that actually exists) and beautiful dishes and gorgeous light streaming into the kitchen and a badass digital SLR. food blogs that photograph every little step usually just leave me crazy jealous and depressed. i have tried to take pictures of the food that i make. it does not turn out well.

Exhibit A: one of the best pasta dishes I have made in my entire life…Image

… and it looks like someone sneezed on a plate (Its loosely based on this if you’re somehow interested).

anyway, as i am now resident housewife to my parents and younger brother, i am trying to be useful to them (in addition to filling their lives with joy via grandaughter/niece and filling their livingroom with jolene’s boppy, swing, drying diapers, playmat, teddybear…) by attempting to cook dinner or at least make it really easy to make dinner. what is the first step in this? menu planning!

i love menu planning. it makes shopping easier. it makes cooking easier. and it helps me use the mountains of recipes i bookmark and forget about (probably also because they are in a folder labeled “farming” in my highly organized bookmarks…dont ask why). i am now officially a person who plans meals for the week so WATCH OUT. i am going to post them here when i remember.

Sunday: Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes and rice

Monday: Vietnamese chicken salad (from Food&Wine’s amaaazing Quick from Scratch Chicken) and Roasted Sweet Potato Ginger Soup 

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers (for everyone else, some delicious mystery because jolene and i are going over to my sisters for dinner!)

Wednesday: Jamaican Jerk Eggplant from Passionate Vegetarian 

I need to pause here because I just got really excited about Passionate Vegetarian. Click on that link and take a look at the author whose name is (I kid you not) Crescent Dragonwagon. This lady is completely ridiculous. She neurotically justifies her use of cheese and all of her recipes are named after her friends, but I’ve made a lot of great stuff out of her book, both as a vegetarian and a rabid meat eater. Did I mention that her name is Crescent Dragon Wagon?!



…okay so I got as far as Wednesday. But this is not a food blog. So I am going to call it a night.

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the sprout and the bean

i love my bean.

my smiling, milky, squishy, wiggly, joyful ten pound bean.

we’ve had a great couple of weeks. the weather has been so spectacular. its hard to believe that people have babies in november… we have been so totally lucky.  yesterday we drove to julias house in the 80 degree weather with all the windows down, pants-less  (i had leggings), barefoot and blasting otis redding.

the good life.

i’ve said it before but jolene is just so awake. she is really looking now, studying faces, other babies at mom group, smiling at her toys.  she doesn’t miss a minute, just goes and goes all day. meaning practically no naps, but seven or eight hours at night!! i feel like a terrible person at my moms group, hearing the laments of the sleep deprived parents whose babies are up every two hours. i shut my mouth whenever anyone mentions sleep because i mention again how long j sleeps for i think i might get kicked out.

so my new moms groups are  fantastic. man it is so nice to talk to other people about plugged milk ducts and poop and all that fun stuff that most people can’t relate to/ get mad when you bring it up while they’re eating. these ladies are eating lunch, feeding a baby AND bragging about how long they went without scrubbing the spit up off their berkinstocks. its bad ass. moms are so cool.

jolene has started staring at the other babies and its amazing to think that all these kids will be in the same class at school even though some of them can push up and laugh and some are still crinkled little rasins. it makes me want to stick around here. don’t tell yaya. i want to buy her this just to see if she’ll wear it out of love. i’m also going to make my brother a “whoa i’m just the uncle t shirt” (i dont think they sell those on zazzle) because he says whenever we go for walks together or to the grocery store he gets those “knowing” smiles, like “oh good for you” “or aww look at that hot young dad.” awkward.

what else is going on? i’m going back to work at afterschool next week super part time. hunting for something for the summer then its back to school in the fall! crazy. i have to take 11 credits outside smith to come back as an ada comstock scholar (non traditional student…basically i can get a smaller course load, family housing and not count my parents income in my financial aid) so i’m looking at GCC (Greenfield Community College) for a semester. i’m actually pumped. i can start a little slower with this whole student/ single mom life. if teen mom is any indication, its not easy. but necessary/ worth it/ fun (i think!?).

on that note, i read a great post a while back on probably my favorite mumma blog ever, . it really changed the way i look at being a young mom (or early mama, i like that better). she does this great series called “why i love being a 20- something mom” and Reason #12 was Sharing Your Accomplishments . Heres a little blip:

In fact there’s something to be said for showing your children exactly how you accomplish goals — with perseverance and patience. There’s something to be said for watching your parents go from Point A to Point B, building a life from the ground up. Watching mommy study for her exams and then cheer as she accepts her hard-earned diploma. Seeing mommy and daddy pledge their livesto one another and blissfully dance around the dance floor, giddy with excitement. Hearing mom’s tiny seed of an idea at the dining room table one night, only to watch it blossom into a full-grown business over the next 5 years. Seeing it all happen right before your developing eyes.

freaking cool, right? so instead of telling jolene “this great thing happened before you were born and this great thing happened before you were born and then you came along and i turned boring,” it can be “remember when we sprouted tomatoes for the first time? dang lady we are so awesome”

of course she is the best sprout of them all…

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everything changes/ nothing changes




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Where would you be without your library?

Just a little pitch for our local library that is trying so hard to expand. Support public institutions? Like to read? Have compassion for new moms living in the boonies who would love to have a place to stroller to? Consider donating! Or at least watch it to see real cute kids and hear groovy some uke !

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March 8, 2012 · 10:37 pm

settling spring wind

Its been getting easier to settle into the boredom that accompanies being home with a baby all day. Don’t get me wrong- its so joyful and I feel so lucky to have all this time with Jolene. But it can be boring. I have found that watching TV while nursing just makes me feel bad (guilty, not present etc) and I am completely sick of NPR (maybe tomorrow I will wake up and the Republican primary will be over? Please?) so taking the chatter of all that out of the day leaves an incredible amount of space.

Perhaps it was the 50 degree weather that has made the space so mild, so balmy, so dreamy. It felt like spring…real spring for the first time today. I’ve had Greg Brown stuck in my head all afternoon…

love calls like the wild birds-
it’s another day.
a spring wind blew my list of
things to do…away.

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stripy lady

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A New Jolene

… the weepies do an original too..who knew

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March 2, 2012 · 11:45 pm