Feeding from dem breasts

Breastfeeding has been getting a bit easier. I haven’t been writing much about our struggles because its been pretty damn frustrating and I feel like I spend most of the time talking/ thinking about it any how. Jolene has difficulty latching on at the hospital and wasn’t terrible hungry the first few days because she was spitting up amniotic fluid the first day and then jaundice the next two. We worked with a fantastic lactation consultant (LC) for our stay, who recommended using both a nipple shield


not this:

and Supplemental Nursing System (SNS).

It was incredibly crazy/awkward/messy/stressful for the first two weeks at least. She wasn’t gaining weight (well babies lose weight about a week after they’re born but even after that) and every single feeding session was an enormous struggle that ended in tears (mine) and being soaked in milk. But things got better. Eventually she would latch on with just the shield, and didn’t need constant incentive from the SNS to stay at the breast. But the shield of course has it’s own worries, mostly it’s tendency to disappear due to it being SEE THROUGH (million dollar idea…neon pink glow in the dark nipple shields!). Oh man the number of times I have told a screaming Jolene “hold on babe mamas gotta find her fake nipple” while tearing through the bed clothes…

But then on her one month birthday Jolene latched on unaided! No fancy helpers just the two of us! I felt so close to her. It was amazing the distance that this tiny flap of silicon was putting between us. It isn’t gone for good though. She still prefers using the shield, and we use it about 70% of the time. We are working on weaning off it but slowly. A couple of babies at my New Moms group used them until 3 months or so. I think we’ve got time. There’s a really great article on the nipple shield on kellymom. The internet is just so juicy!

Anais Mitchell was so freaking incredible on Monday. I think she’s actually Tinkerbell. No babies at the Iron Horse, which was actually a blessing in disguise because it was pretty claustrophobic. I forget its not really kid friendly there. Jolene had a lovely evening with her aunties instead. Yesterday we had Northampton adventures and a walk around Paradise Pond with lovely Annie. Today we’ve been home watching the snow. Jolene has actually been napping, which it seems she will only do in the Moby wrap but I am not complaining. I’ve finally had time to finish my readmission essay to Smith,  which goes out tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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