Oh thank you thank you to Sasha for the link to Anais Mitchell’s new album. I am having a real beautiful time with it while Jolene is out on a walk with her yaya. My mum has been on February vacation for this week and I have had a moment now and then to myself. The last week or so has been kind of tough. Jolene has decided that there are much more exciting things to do during the day besides nap and therefore I have been unable to get out of my pjs much before noon. But here I sit, not juggling a baby, dressed,¬†showered, moisturized WITH MY HAIR BLOWN DRY. Oh those simple pleasures.¬†

She is coming to the Iron Horse in Northampton next Monday and I cannot waaaaait! Babys first concert! 


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February 24, 2012 · 5:30 pm

One response to “A moment alone with Anais

  1. Anna

    CECILIA! More baby pics on Shutterfly plzzzzz (when you have time, that is, which I know you don’t have). I have to get new orthotics made in Shutesbury soon and when I do I am coming to see you and Jolene whether you like it or not. xxxooo Anna

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