What Makes a Baby?

Yay for blogging and breastfeeding at the same time!!

I stumbled upon this sweet kickstarter project on this great blog Birth Activist. Its called What Makes A Baby and the basic idea is that there is one way to make a baby, but many ways to make a family! The “when a mommy and a daddy love each other very very much narrative” has always bothered me because although this is where I come from, it is not where my daughter comes from, or my soon to be baby niece or many of my friends come from. I know Jolene won’t be talking, let alone asking where babies come from for a while, but I am glad I have a place to start. They have already super passed their kickstarter goal. which is AWESOME, but any more money goes to increasing access to the book. The author looks great and the illustrations are going to be super rad too.

Okay burger time!


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