First bath!

Oh man yesterday I had the most hilarious morning ever. Jolene’s cord fell off when she was three days old, but I’ve been waiting for the 40 dollar piece of foam that is the Puj tub to arrive in the mail to give her her first bath. After the morning nursing marathon, she was sleepy and happy so I decided to go for it. I set up the tub, undressed her, wrapped her up in her adorable ducky towel, hit play on the Tallest Man on Earth Pandora station, was all ready to go when Jolene pooped in the towel. Okay no problem we go back to the room, clean up, change towels, make it to the bathroom and into the tub. Jolene poops in the tub. Alright dump that in the toilet bring her back to the bedroom, clean up, go back to the bathroom Jolene poops in the second ducky towel. This is getting a little ridiculous but I just want to bathe this bean so I get one more towel but before she gets in the tub she poops in the THIRD ducky towel. At this point, I am laughing and crying at the same time but goddamnit she has poop between her toes at this point and now actually NEEDS the bath. One more clean up, one more poop in the tub (drain the tub, scrub it out etc etc) and we are good to go. And after a minute of screaming? She loves it.


… unforgettable.


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  1. Anna L.

    Ohhhh my God, I’m loving the bath face. She looks like a fish. Who knew a baby could poop that much!??! (is it a weird green color? my sister pooped the weirdest green poop when she was a newborn…) xxx

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