baby weekend?!

So I’ve been having irregular contractions since about 10 am this morning. It is now 8:27. They have only been about 30 seconds at most, and jump around from about a half hour to 5 minutes apart. Waiting to call the midwife until there is more of a pattern. I have spent most of the day working on my curtains. Ina May Gaskin recommends having a “labor project.” I retreated to bed for a few hours today and remembered one eof the birth stories I read in her book (hold on here comes another one) and one woman described lacquering a chair for nursing the baby while in labor.  That got me up out of bed and back to the sewing machine. I finished two. It felt so amazing to think about my girl, feel her moving down and make something for her all at the same time.

I feel so excited and so still.  Tonight I am going to stay in, watch Contagion and eat my mums meatballs. And maybe have a baby.


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  1. Liz

    Good luck babe! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Can’t wait to see her.

    so much love,

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