Belly update, room update and a really lovely mix for late December…

I went to the midwife today! My favorite one, the one I really hope will magically be on call when the little sugar baby arrives. Her heartbeat is beautiful and everything is healthy and good! I have been really crampy lately but at this point (38 weeks!) that is actually good news. Its my uterus practicing. I’m glad someone around here knows what they’re doing…

The room is coming together finally! My mum and I primed the bookshelf and bedside table this afternoon and will paint them when they dry tonight. The crib came in today too! A generous gift from my Buddhist Family Camp Fairy Grand-GodMother…

I’m picking it up tomorrow and then will probably spend the remainder of the day writhing on the floor in a pile of screws and slats. The fabric for the curtains is in the mail and tomorrow I am starting my adventure in quilt land!?! I am well prepared, as I recently completed the first sewing project ever since the pillow I made in middle school Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Ec with a PC name)!  It was supposed to be a boppy cover (the pattern can be found here) but it came out way too small for my boppy so I think I will just stuff it with fluff and make another boppy!

I’ve been poking around Hype Machine for new music lately, because I can’t only listen to Lana Del Ray and Leonard Cohen. Its mostly remixes and just as I was getting sick of my laundry folding techno party, I found a cover of the song from the movie The Snowman done by Mimicking Birds. Its not quite as haunting (/creepy) as the original, but so very beautiful. Listen listen! 

It was originally posted on Music Ninja as part of a December Mix, which I am now listening to on repeat as I melt in front of the fire. Lucy Rose is on there too. Her voice is amazing and I am so glad I’ve found her because its about time I found a new crush with straight across bangs

..these ladies

Thats is for now! I hope to post pictures of the nursery and maybe also the baby shower over the weekend.




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