Out of Touch

Perhaps not the best way to begin this baby blog, that I will someday think of a title for and someday actually post on the internet… but I am feeling a little out of touch. The last few weeks has been this WHIRLWIND of people coming and going and good wishes and advice advice advice and STUFF oh my goodness stuff. I am suddenly feeling completely saturated in the material world. The constant contemplation of the paint color for the nursery and the placement of the dresser and why can’t I find wooden hangers for childrens clothes and is the moses basket too low to the ground and how far will it be from the rug, which will be either wool or polyester, which will out gas, like the changing table pad which still needs a cover because the only ones I could find were yellow and green striped and I am so done with green so I’ll have to sew one, after the curtains and boppy cover that I am planning to sew except I am terrible at sewing and how exactly do you load a bobbin again? Like that, but longer.

Of course I am nothing but blessed. I have so many wonderful generous people in my life and have given me all of these beautiful things that will clothe and cradle and swaddle my daughter after she is born. Not to mention the advice, support and love love LOVE, the immaterial.

But nevertheless, I went for a walk at the Quabbin Reservoir with my mum and dog (shhh) and it was just the first time in a long time that I had been out in nature for more than 15 minutes and the first time in a long time I took a break from running through my mental list of STUFF TO BUY and I am telling you, it felt euphoric.

Perhaps I am simply having trouble with the external, because it is time to focus on the internal. I have been so driven to nest for the past months, but now I just want to lie in the nest that I have built and wait. Except the nest still has no rug. And there is no art on the walls. Yet. Friday is the goal. Jolene and Cecilias awesome bedroom/nursery will be done. Until then, I can take a big breath of air and dive back into the current of preparation.

…oh and Merry Christmas!!


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  1. Liz

    If you want a bobbin-loading lesson, let me know.

    Also, I love the music you’ve posted on here. Mimicking Birds is absolutely beautiful.


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